Baby Lola

Here are a few pics from a baby session from last month. It was a session that I had donated to a local fundraising auction, and the mother was VERY happy to receive it. She knew what she was saving the session for months before the baby was born. I don’t do a ton of baby shoots, so I really enjoy them when I do. This time, the mother did not want to be in the photos at all, so it was the baby, the whole baby, and nothing but the baby. Although, the younger of her two brothers did everything he could to sneak into a picture or two. Thankfully, the elder brother was there to attempt a corralling of the little guy….to various degrees of success. We had a great time, though. I must say, I am not sure she was a fan of her first photo session. She cried 80% of the time. But, we still squeezed in some nice shots. Hope you enjoy them!