Photos of Baby Ethan…before and after

Two friends just recently had their first baby. Baby Ethan…very cute little boy. It seems to be a theme right now, because two of my best friends just had a baby boy yesterday morning. Well, I guess having babies is a pretty normal thing, but even though it happens all the time, it is still something wonderful when it happens to those you know. I guess some times it just seems to happen more than other times because it really stands out in my mind.

The parents, Colleen and Josh, wanted to do some maternity photos, and after trying to find a time that worked for all of us, we finally made it happen. It was a lot of fun, and we captured some nice shots while we were there…they are a great couple, and it is always a blast taking photos with people like that. Colleen is a budding photographer herself, so it is always humbling when other photographers choose you to shoot their photos.

A while later, though, the baby was born (as is usually the routine). The day after the birth, I went to the hospital to do a few more photos of the baby…in person, this time. It was my first time in a while seeing a brand new baby, and it is just such an awesome thing. We did not have a huge amount of time to take the photos because he was due for his daily check-up, so I spent around 15 minutes getting the shots that I could.  Here are a few shots from both of those sessions; hope you like them. And tonight, I am off to meet my other friends’ new baby boy, Sebastian!