A Beautiful Fall Day | Mike and Sarah Wedding

by St. Louis Wedding Photographers

Mike and Sarah first met in 2010 through mutual friends, after many attempts by friends to set them up, Mike ended up asking for Sarah’s number when they met at a concert at Beale on Broadway.  They were inseparable after that. …

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weingarten wedding photography belleville dani jesse

At the Weingarten | Danielle & Jesse Wedding

by St. Louis Wedding Photographers

There are some couples that you just get a kick out of, and these two are certainly one of those. Dani and Jesse have made us laugh from our first time meeting them all the way through the end of …

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city museum wedding ferris wheel

From Motown to the StL | Cat & Brooks Wedding

Catherine and Bryant (or, as well all know them as…Cat and Brooks) met after Cat’s brother knew Brooks from attending Michigan State. After connecting on social media (thank God for Facebook), they started chatting and began developing a relationship. Brooks …

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tuscan hills winery wedding effingham il

Craicing Good Time | Heather & Eugene Wedding

by Central Illinois Wedding Photographers

Those of you who are normal readers, have no fear if you think I made a crazy misspelling in the blog title. This was a special, cross-continental wedding with Heather, an American lady and Eugene, a bloke from Dublin. The …

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st louis four seasons wedding photography

On the Rooftop | Joel and Meghan Wedding

by St. Louis Wedding Photographers Joel & Shannon

Meghan and Joel first met on a whitewater rafting and camping trip in Lake George, New York. Four years later in a helicopter over Newport, Rhode Island, Joel popped the question and Meghan of course said yes. This is just …

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emanuel lutherin st louis wedding

Fall Has Arrived | Anna & David Wedding

Sometimes even when your paths are so close to each other for years and just miss each other, there is a perfect time for two people to meet when things will come together perfectly…and that is exactly what happened for …

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Keeping the Rain Away | Alyssa & Kyle

Kyle and Alyssa met almost five years ago through mutual friends, while they were out having drinks. He got her number from his friend, texted her later that evening, and the rest is history. Sometimes it’s an instant connection – it was for Alyssa …

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the caramel room at bissingers roof wedding photo in rain

Caramel Rain | Sally & Jared Wedding

by St Louis Wedding Photographers

We first met Sally and Jared over Skype one evening. Normally, we like to meet people in person, but seeing that they live in Seattle, that would have been a little challenging. After spending some time chatting things over and …

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