2014 Favorites | Thank You from Joel, Shannon, and Edmund

by Shannon and Joel Conner

Wow…2014. I must be getting older, because each year goes by more quickly than the last. Especially since we have our awesome little man running around now, it is just flying by. This was a great year…one where we stretched …

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st louis family photos

Fall Family Session Day! | Giving Back

by St Louis Family Photographer

We deeply believe that family photos are incredibly important. Shannon and I have been wanting for quite a while to do a family session day where we can give away photos to families for completely free. We know that quality …

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Samantha and Patrick Engagement Session

Shannon and I have jokingly said that we must begin booking or not booking clients based on the bride’s first name, because a higher than normal percentage of our weddings lately have had bride’s with the same first name. Over …

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Samantha and Kenny’s Engagement Session

One of my favorite things are referrals from other weddings. Booking weddings based simply on our previous work is definitely great, but when previous clients recommend you to others it always give that nice warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Samantha …

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Photos of Baby Ethan…before and after

Two friends just recently had their first baby. Baby Ethan…very cute little boy. It seems to be a theme right now, because two of my best friends just had a baby boy yesterday morning. Well, I guess having babies is …

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Our 1/2 Wedding Anniverary

Six months ago today I married my wife. Six months. In some ways it seems just like yesterday, and in other ways it seems like so much longer. Time has flown past, and yet, there has been so much packed …

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