Abby & Alex Wedding

Weddings over the past 1.5 years have been, to put it mildly, absolutely bonkers. Lots of chaos, uncertainties, and a high level of stress. Yesterday’s wedding, though, was nothing of these. We had such an incredible day with Abby and …

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Happy New Year! | Megan & Adam Wedding

It’s never to late to post photos of a great couple! This was a wedding that I, Shannon, photographed without Joel. We had 2 great couples that day, so we each brought along another photographer from our team and divided …

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missouri botanical garden glow wedding

New Year’s Even Glow | Taylor & Jake Wedding

Hello, world…meet Taylor and Jake. This fabulous couple first met at college when they were set up by some friends. They ended dancing together for entire night, and when that was over, they headed home to play some Mario Kart …

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9th street abby wedding photography

At the Sunset | Katie & Andrew Wedding

Meet Katie and Andrew. They are something special. From the moment we first met them, we could tell that they were our kind of people. There is a sweetness and genuineness there that we instantly connected with, and we knew …

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Carlinville IL Wedding Photography

A Lovely Winter Wedding | Kristy & Steve Wedding

It all started back in early 2015 when some friends introduced Kristy and Steve. It did not take long for things to pick up from there. Dates, phone calls, and thinking of each other became part of everyday life. It was …

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hecker illinois wedding

Love and a Tractor | Carrie and Andy Wedding

Carrie and Andy might have known each other since the 4th grade, but it was many years later when they finally started to see each other in a different light. In fact, it was not until Carrie’s last year of …

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st ambrose st louis wedding

Her Dream Wedding | Katrina & Nick Wedding

Katrina and Nick had seen each other now and again because they had mutual friends, but it was not until her sister’s birthday party in 2011 that they really took notice of each other. They started talking that night and …

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Love Pouring Out | Christina & Greg Wedding

by St. Louis Wedding Photographers

When Christina & Greg first met, they actually didn’t like each other. But as often happens, they shared a lot of the same friends and so were hanging out, so they became friends pretty quickly and maintained that for a …

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