Hello, world…meet Ray.

Hello, world…meet Ray.


I (Joel) first met Ray about 2 years ago when we were both attending a photography workshop by the name of After Dark. The two of us were in the same portfolio review class, and we got to talking afterwards and quickly became friends. Ray also saved me from potential death or dismemberment by driving me through the sketchy area to where I parked my car earlier that day. Instantly, I could tell there was something special about Ray. Maybe part of it comes from the fact that both he and I came from a small family business background, but it was easy to see how friendly he was and how deeply he wanted to become the absolute best at this craft that he could be. I liked the guy straightaway.

For a number of years, Shannon and I have talked about bringing one or two other photographers on with us to help increase the number of couples we can help on their wedding days. The simple fact is, even though Shannon and I often split and shoot separate weddings on our own on the same day with our other second shooters, we are still turning away more people each year than we are able to help. One time that always sticks out in our minds was when a bride who called us broke down in tears because we were not available to photographer her wedding. We starting thinking about adding an associate photographer so that we could still work with these couples and help them have the incredible images of their wedding that they deserve, even though we would not physically be there on their wedding day.  For us, though, it all came down to finding the right people to bring on board. We needed people who not only excel at the craft, but even more importantly, we needed good people…kind people…people who would treat our couples in the way that we would.

And that’s why we asked Ray. He is that kind of person.

Ray has a great focus on photojournalism that I love. He is incredible at capturing those precious and very intimate moments that are so rare and quickly over. The first time I was looking through some of his images, I was hit pretty deeply by some of that. I love that. Great images should make you feel something…not just say, “Oh, that’s neat.” I cannot wait to see what he does next.

So, how is this going to work, you ask? Well, you will be working with all of us up until the day of the wedding. Ray and I will both shoot the engagement connection session. Shannon will do all of her magic hoodoo in helping make sure the day is planned out so that is runs as smoothly as possible. After the wedding, we will personally handle everything to ensure your final products are top notch. You will have amazing photos to cherish the rest of your life. And…you will be thrilled that you had someone as awesome as Ray taking care of your wedding day. It’s a match made in heaven…you get the best of all 3 of us for your entire wedding process.

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch and ask away. For anyone reading who might already be a client of Ray’s, don’t worry…he is still going to take great care of you on his own.

Huge thanks to Ray from Shannon and me. So glad to be working with you. Let’s do this. Whether we do this for a few years or for a long time, it’s going to be a fun ride!