A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

My Dear Joel,

On this your 3rd Father’s Day I wanted to tell you about the amazing father that I see in you. I know we feel like we’re failing as parents a lot of the time. There never seems to be enough time for work and family, and the balance is hard. But I want you to know that I see how hard you try, and I know your heart, and that everything you do, you do for us. You are the most hard-working, amazing man that I know, and even though this past year has been especially hard, there is no one I’d rather be walking through life with. For those days when you can’t see it, here’s what I love about the dad you are.

I love that you play pretend with Edmund and encourage him to use his imagination. I love that you are teaching him to be brave and strong. To be a big brother who protects his sister and is a helper to Mommy. I love it when I find you guys rocking out to music in the office. I love that Edmund now knows almost all the words to Ob-La-Di; it may be the cutest thing ever. I love how much you get into whatever game you are playing with him, and that you are always his first choice of a playmate. I love that you take Edmund on adventure hikes in our woods, even though I’m paranoid he’ll get poison ivy. I love how you think toward the future and what kind of skills you want him to have, what kind of young man and person you want him to become and are instilling those virtues in him now, at 3 years old. I love that you take the kids to Willoughby to feed the goats, chase the chickens and guineas, find the kitties and pet the cow. I love that you and Edmund “shave” together. It is super cute and going to be something he remembers forever. I love seeing you guys wrestle and laugh and play. That laughter is like magic and one of the best sounds in my world; it heals my heart and makes me feel all is right in the world.

I love that you fell for Elanor the moment she was born. I love when she snuggles you and lays her head on your shoulder. I know she feels perfectly safe and secure and loved and cared for…and that is everything. You give her that. I love that she already has a special place in your heart. I love that you’re teaching her to be gentle with the kitties. I love that she loves her Daddy. I love how anytime she wanders in when you’re working you take a moment to pick her up and give her a hug. I love that you’re you, and that you’re the father of our children. Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Shannon