Samantha and Patrick Engagement Session

Shannon and I have jokingly said that we must begin booking or not booking clients based on the bride’s first name, because a higher than normal percentage of our weddings lately have had bride’s with the same first name. Over the past year, the name in vogue was “Amy.” We had three “Amy” weddings with the last one coming this fall. Now, we are in the season of “Samantha.” We just had a Samantha wedding late this summer, and we have three more coming up. The funny thing was, that we did the two of Samantha’s engagement pictures two weekends back to back. Since we tend to discuss clients based on their first names, it can lead to a little confusion from time to time. “Samantha’s wedding…ok…which Samantha was that?” We manage just fine, though…Shannon and I help each other keep it all organized. This never has and probably will never happen, but just in case you are or are one day a client of ours, if you happen to receive someone else’s photos, don’t fret…they probably just had your same name. 😉

Thankfully, though, all the guys have had different names which helps a lot.

Here are a few photos from our photo shoot with Samantha and Patrick. It is our last engagement session of the year, even though there are a few more that we still need to post to the site. We met Sam at our July bridal show at the Gateway Center, and she came by the store some weeks after that to get everything in order. She did a great job on her planning everything, and at last report, she is almost completely ready to go with all of her prep in line (well done to her!). We had a great time at Forest Park, and even though it was late in the year and not as pretty as normal, there is always plenty of beauty in that park. We did learn, however, that it was Sam’s first time being in Forest Park…even though she grew up in the St. Louis area. We told Patrick that he really needs to take her back when there is more time and warmer weather, because it is such a wonderful park.

Speaking of Patrick, I have to throw out there that we have had some great guys in our weddings and engagements this year. Most guys (definitely including myself) do not like to get their photograph taken, and sometimes, they are quite comfortable with letting that opinion show through. All of our guys in our weddings and engagements were this year were great, though. It always makes me smile when I see the guys willing to suck it up and smile to make their bride happy. Plus…it makes for better photos (which always is a good thing)

Last thing…I mentioned the Gateway Bridal Show. The next one is coming up on January 27th on Thursday evening from 5-9 PM and is held at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville, IL. This is probably the best wedding show on the Illinois side of the river, so you should definitely make a plan to visit if you can. We’ll be there with our newly redesigned booth! (which reminds me…I need to finish that).

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Joel Conner