Hello, Ava | Birth Photography

1St Louis Birth Photography Teri Lynn Aaron Feig

Hello, world…meet Ava.

Ever since our son Edmund was born, I have had the urge to get into birth photography. I had wanted to be a father since I was 6 years old. To this day, I still clearly remember waking up from a dream about being married to one of my 1st grade classmates and knowing that I wanted to be a father. Actually being a father now, I realize it is even better than I dreamed about all of these years. While Shannon and I are definitely planning to have more children, I knew that documenting a birth would be a way that I could bless another new family and help them remember in a way what it was like to be there. I hope I did this here…I hope that this will be something that this new family will hold onto for many, many years to remember the pure, unrestrained joy they felt when they welcomed their little girl into the world. It was quite the wait for her to arrive…not just the nine months leading up, mind you, but the day of! I personally was at the hospital for over 18 hours, and I know the family was there for close to 24 by the time I left. The little girl was being a bit stubborn, but no one really minded. Aaron and Teri Lynn were so tired, but that could not stop the joy and love from pouring out of them. It was marvelous being there, and doing my small part for this family.

Even though it is still fairly new, there are a number of birth photographers out there. Many people still are a bit shocked when they hear about it, though. “You are going to take photos of…what?!?!”  But, it is becoming more common. I knew for me to do it, though, I had to put my spin on it…which I think I accomplished with this video below. Normally, I just show individual photos, but at least for now, this is the way I wanted to present these images. And, special thanks to the amazing staff at Missouri Baptist Hospital…they were so helpful.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Make sure your sound is turned up on your computer. That is a very important part of it.

Also, if you are on a mobile device, WATCH HERE

Thank you to Teri Lynn and Aaron Feig for letting me be there with you for this. It was an honor.