There are so many things that we love about engagement sessions. While the wedding is beautiful and glorious, let's be honest...that's not how you are on a normal day. Granted, that is part of what makes the wedding so rare and amazing. But, as the years go by, you want photos of you two just as you are day to day. Happy...enjoying being with love.

In our engagement sessions, we help create a relaxed, fun environment where you two can be yourselves out of the wedding day limelight. Obviously, it always feels a little odd when you have a camera pointed at you, but you will be amazed with how relaxed we make you feel. This is also a great chance for you to get used to how we work, and for us to better learn what you like. That way, we are even more ready to blow you away on your wedding day.

Maybe capturing the real you means going for a peaceful walk in a beautiful park. Or, maybe it means something more exciting like ice skating or visiting your favorite brewery. Maybe it just means staying home and cooking dinner together. Maybe you are not even married and just want a session of the two of you. Maybe you are still crazy in love after 30 years of marriage and want to celebrate. There are no rules. The only formula is the two of you. Happy...enjoying being with love.

Engagement sessions are included in most of our wedding packages because we believe that are very important. Just looking for a session on its own? CONTACT US to find out more.


Just you two. As you are. Full of excitement and anticipation.