Photobooth! | Laura & Jacob

St Louis Photobooth

It’s photobooth time again! Here we are with the photos from Laura and Jacob’s wedding reception at the awesome Ameristar Casino  in St. Charles, MO a few weeks back! As the reception was going on, there was a stretch where I was photographing the dancing and realized that I had not seen Laura or Jacob for a while. I went looking, and I found them in the photobooth having a blast. I went back into the dancing, and after a while, I still had not seen them out on the floor. They were still in there going at it! Apparently, different groups of people kept pulling them in to get photos with them time and time again. It does not seem like they minded too much!

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Written by Joel Conner | St. Louis Wedding Photographers

Looking to amp up your wedding receptions? Photobooths are a great way to do that. They provide so much fun and entertainment, and it is a wonderful way to get images of most of your guests. If you do decide to do one, be sure to have your DJ or band remind people a few times throughout the night that the booth is open for them. You won’t regret it!