Giving Back | The Big Picture Project

by St Louis Wedding Photographers

One thing that is very important to Shannon and I is to use the gifts we have been given to bless others. The way we look at it is that if we are not using what God gave us to bless the lives of those around us, then we are wasting those gifts. Granted, we know that the work we do on a daily basis does bless people, and we love that about our jobs. But, when it comes down to it…it is our job. It’s what pays our bills and keeps our little baby adorably chubby. Because of that, we like to find other ways to help people out in whatever ways we can. We have a few projects we are working on for later this year, but right now we are teaming up with our good friends Roger and Karin Doolin to help them out on their charity that they started last year. It’s called The Big Picture Project, and what’s cool about their organization is that it is photography related! What they do is that they team up with missions and charity organizations who are working in South and Central America, and they go in to help teach small groups of people in the poorest of poor situations about cameras and photography. Suddenly, people who had no job skills or prospects have a way that they can express themselves and their world. Even better, now they have a job skill they can use to increase the quality of life for them and their families.

This is definitely the type of thing we want to support.

So, what are we doing to help? The Big Picture Project is currently hosting a photographer fundraiser auction to raise money. A ton of local photographers are getting together and offering photo sessions or mentorship sessions (for other photographers). We are on board for this, and we are offering both! Whoever wins the auction for us will receive either a photographer mentorship or a free photo session with an album. We have people contact us now and again to inquire about learning from us, and we have not offered it before (mainly due to being so busy). So, this is a great chance for someone who has been wanting to do that!

Here is what we are offering:    “I will be offering a mentorship session on how to see things differently when photographing on location. This is not about being weird or doing crazy camera angles as a cheap way to be “creative,” This is about changing the way you look at your surroundings and training yourself to see things that no one else would. Then, harnessing those unique aspects into something awesome. This is not a “by the numbers” thing, and you will not walk out with 5 key points to make you an amazing photographer…this will be about stretching yourself and learning to hone your own unique approach to this whole thing.  This will be hard. I will push you. You will probably need a nap when you are done. $1200 value”

Since this only really is interesting for other photographers, we wanted to offer a session as well for any non-photographers who might be interested as well. If that is what you prefer, you will receive a 2-3 hour session with Shannon and I, images on disk, and an 8″ x 8″ album. This session can be a family session, couple session, baby/child session, boudoir, or anything else you want! (except for weddings). Keep in mind, the auction will likely only talk about the mentorship session, but we will give you the choice of what you want.

Here is the link to the auction: Conner Photography Auction

Please check it out and consider bidding. 100% of the money goes right to help people, so it is a wonderful way to bless other people! Thank you very much!