From Different Space-Time Continuums

by St Louis Wedding Photographers Joel & Shannon

Graham Chapel at Washington University Wedding by St. Louis Wedding Photographers Joel and Shannon Conner


“From Different Space-Time Continuums.” Yes, I (Joel) realize that is a pretty nerdy sounding title for the blog…and it is. I just sat down to write this, and it was the first thing to pop into my head. It totally cracked me up, so I knew I had to use it. It works on several levels, because 1) Carl is currently studying for his Master’s in Physics, 2) Carl is a Star Trek fan (a “Trekkie,” as we are lovingly/mockingly called) and has somehow wrangled Kristina into it as well, and these two people who had such differing interests and styles and backgrounds somehow came together and it just…worked. Kristina was a girlie-girl and Carl was a bit of a nerd, but below those surface things, they found a deeper connection that made them a perfect match for each other.

I have known Kristina for many, many years as she is good friends with my sister (who would have been in the wedding but for being on tour with The Nature Theater of Oklahoma), and we love the opportunities we have to work with people that we know and love. We did their engagement photos back in the fall at the beautiful Pere Marquette, and it was so funny because while Kristina is poised and relaxed in front of the camera, Carl was just a little bit unsure what to do with a big camera pointed at him. It was cracking us all up the whole time. Their wedding was at the beautiful Graham Chapel on the campus of Washington University, and we just love shooting there. It is such a beautiful setting for a wedding, and it did not disappoint. Kristina looked beautiful, and Carl’s reaction when he saw her for the first time told the whole story. He told me before the ceremony that he was not sure he was going to be able to “keep it all together,” and even though he definitely did not, it made it all the more sweet. While the ceremony was very sacred and emotional, they definitely worked in some of their fun unique personalities into the day (such as Kristina wearing shoes covered in blue glitter that she custom made herself and at the reception, tying in their love of the St. Louis Cardinals, and having all of the tables being named after local music concert clubs).

After the ceremony and formal photos, we headed to Kristina’s parents’ house for the reception. I have to say, I think think that receptions at home are where it’s at. It does not work for everyone, obviously, but for those who have the room and the grounds, it makes for an awesome venue.  In this case, they were able to set up right by the lake behind their house, and it was just lovely. At the end of the night, they were sent off with a shower of fireworks. Once those finished, they boarded a boat and rowed away…boldly going where no man has gone before.

Ok, yeah…that was a really cheesy way to end the blog. I had to do it, though!  Congrats to you both!!!


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Written by Joel Conner | St. Louis Wedding Photography